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Measuring 15" from heel to toe tip, 8.5" from base to top, with an apperture diameter of 6"(8" deep) for planting, our Jester Boots are handmade in our studio/store in Sugar Loaf, NY.
The boots are poured from the highest quality concrete, then immersed in water for 5 days to assure their frost-hardiness.
Each boot is then dried for 4 weeks before being individually hand painted with several coats of exterior latex paint, and then finally sealed with an industrial strength urethane. Thus we really can say they are fine for outdoors in any weather conditions.

The main part of this boot is painted in "duke's vineyard" purple, with the epaulettes in alternating "tartan" blue and "aztec sky" blue. This color scheme comes with silver balls.

$72.00 each (plus s&h)

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