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the Celtic Letters


 stone finish

The remains of a monastery founded here at Drumcliff in the sixth century by St. Colmcille, includes the stump of a round tower on one side of the road, and two sandstone High Crosses standing in a graveyard on the other side, together with fragments of a third now in the National Museum of Dublin.
The most important of these crosses, known as the Drumcliff Cross, is 12.5 feet high and is a short distance from the grave of W. B. Yeats. On the cross, Adam and Eve are at the bottom of the shaft with a lovely knotwork representation of the Tree of Life. Further up is a scene of Cain slaying his brother Abel. The prancing lion in high relief is a majestic symbolization of Christ. Just below the crosshead is a scene of the miracle of Daniel safe in the lion's den. The figure in the centre of the crosshead represents Jesus Christ in his glory in heaven.



Co. Sligo, Ireland

16" / 40cm
6" /15cm
3lb / 1.5kg
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