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the Celtic Letters


 stone finish

In Castledermot, among the ruins of two medieval friaries, a parish church going back to the twelfth century, and a Round Tower, also has an ancient monastery, which was founded in 812. The two crosses found there were probably erected in the ninth century.
The south cross is 12 feet tall and on the east face is covered with interwoven bands and fields of continuous round an dangled spirals. The spiral is a shape that is always in motion - it links that which is outside with the centre, and it links a centre with the universe outside. The spiral is also the image of cycles - the rhythm of the seasons, of life and death, of becoming and passing away. The maze pattern on the crosshead and shaft are called key patterns. These patterns represent twists and turns of life's journey.

South Castledermot

Co. Kildare, Ireland

9" /23cm
3.5" /9cm
2lb / 1kg
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