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Greetings - welcome to the Sales from the Crypt site -
home of Garden Gothic, the Oxford Gargoyle range and the Bone Zone,
where you will find handmade gargoyles, babewyns, mirrors,
candleholders, skulls
and assorted objects d'art
for indoor or out!

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July 8th, 2014




Two-faced Ted
Two-faced Ted

And now summer has been and gone and after painting and planting and polishing and preening our booths at the Bristol and New York Renaissance Faires, we were delighted to see you all there! We also launched a new Garden Gothic booth at the Michigan Renaissance Festival, and are now pleased to announce that you can find us at the Texas Renaissance Festival until the last weekend in November!

Garden Gothic NY

(Check on the Where to Find Us page for more info.)


All new info will be posted here and on our Facebook page, and you will always be able to keep in contact with us here at the website, or via Facebook -

If you have seen us at a show and cannot find a specific item that might not yet be featured here on our site, please e-mail us at sales@thecrypt.net
and we will be happy to accommodate you if at all possible.


All our beasties are handmade from the finest quality concrete or Rapidset hydrolic cement, and finished with our secret staining method, handed down through generations of gargoyle makers and perfected over many years.



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the Celtic Letters

the Celtic Letters

Garden Gothic

the McHarp Crosses
the McHarp Crosses

The Bone Zone

- the "graver" side of our enterprise!

Stone Celts

the Celtic Cross

Up in the Air

The Nosepicker
Gargoyles and Grotesques
wall hanging reproductions of old
English building decorations

On the Shelf

Babewyn Family

The Babewyn Bunch

shelf-perching beasties
for bookends or decoration

the Eavis Green Man
Green Men

the Sunhands


the Black Hoodie


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